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All the KeyNote speakers on our directory are screened by our recruitment team. They are inspirational thought-leaders, and experienced and accomplished speakers. Our teams are here to advise you on the most suitable speaker for your event. You can rest assured that you will get the inspirational subject-matter expert that you are looking for. Our speakers have typically spoken to large audiences (hundreds of people). In addition, we are training experts and thought-leaders to inspire from stage.

Are you looking for thought leaders and experts in the areas of leadership, marketing, HR, diversity and inclusion, technology, finance, sustainability, transformation, politics, mindfulness, or sexual health? We have them all! You can have a diverse and balanced speaker panel at your next conference, convention, or corporate gathering.

North America

Sunny Slaughter

Equity +2

"Sunny Slaughter is a TEDx Alum, Master-Connector, Vulnerability Expert, Global Human Trafficking Expert, Federal Law Enforcement Instructor, Executive Consultant, and CEO of Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC. Featured as one of DC's top 25 Women Business Leader of 2020 in Women Leadership Magazine USA. She is a member of the Women Business Collaborative, Leaders Advisory Council committed to empowering and advancing women as CEO’s, in the C-Suite, gender parity, gender pay, and minority women. As a Vulnerability Expert, Sunny identifies risk, vulnerability, develops mitigation strategies, and response plans. She brings over 35 years of executive consultancy, tactical guidance, strategic thinking, policy compliance, safety preparedness, and crisis management expertise to a cross-section of professionals in government, corporate, business, organization, institution, agency, and community. Sunny has been recognized by the White House, Obama Administration as a Change Maker, and had her written report included in the Presidential Daily Briefing.  Sunny Opined her intersectional experiences as a global human trafficking expert focused on the complex nuances of slavery for the 1619 Project launched by The New York Times Magazine which re-examines slavery in the US.  She was the guest for the Special Edition of the 1619 Project for the NYTReadalong, a global network of thought leaders who gather weekly for a deep dive into the global issues contained throughout the pages of the New York Times.

North America

Joanna Barclay

Leadership +2

Joanna is the CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, an organization of culture change consultants, facilitators, and speakers who work with senior leaders to facilitate cultural transformation in organizations and develop conscious leaders. For three decades, she has guided leadership teams through business transformation with a primary focus in Cultural Transformation & Conscious Leadership as organizations strive to increase employee engagement and perform at the highest levels. Joanna is also very passionate about inculcating a conscious culture in all organizations where values guide behavior. Building on the tenets of her talks on Cultural Transformation and Conscious Leadership, she delves into key questions around how leaders can build a conscious culture; one that is values-driven and empowers employees to reach their highest potential.  Having recently moved back to Ottawa, Canada after living in Singapore for 5 years, Joanna provides a global perspective as a thought-leader on Conscious Leadership and Cultural Transformation. Joanna's other passions include Equine facilitated leadership which she is also expertly able to help organizations explore & benefit from. Through working with horses, leaders connect to self, others, and nature which supports increased confidence to grow and reach the next level of leadership. This highly specialized training helps teams gain intuitive and emotional intelligence, increasing heart-centered potential the true power of conscious individuals, leaders, and teams.

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