Jeanne's KeyNote

A sought-after speaker, facilitator, well-known media personality, and presenter, Dr. Zaino’s renowned for her ability to engage audiences by combining her academic knowledge and data-driven approach with an infectious energy and enthusiasm. This has helped make her a hit with audiences from e-suite executives and boards to community groups, professional associations, profit, and non-profit groups around the world. 


One of Jeanne’s signature speeches, entitled “Practice Postponing Persuasion (or Shut Up & Listen”) draws on her years of research into what makes a great leader. Amongst her critical findings, one lesson, in particular, that stands out and infuses both this speech and related workshop: successful leadership begins with eloquent and continuous listening to diverse voices. 


Jeanne’s Other Signature Speeches/Workshops include:  


· What Makes an Adaptable Leader? A Handbook 

· Lessons for Adaptable Thinking & Leadership: Pandemic Edition 

· Pathways for All: Opening the Corridors to Leadership to All is the Key to Success 

· Gender Diversity & Strategic Planning: How Organizations Benefit from Diverse Investing 

· Political Risk in the 21st Century: Reconceptualizing to Meet New Challenges 

· How to Mitigate Political Risk – Both Personal & Organizational? Prioritization Is Key 

· Ark of the Covenant & Other Lessons from the Founders 

· Forgotten Founders and Why They are Worth Remembering 

· It’s the System Stupid! And Other Lessons on Structure & Mission 

About Jeanne

sought-after speaker and media personality, Jeanne Sheehan Zaino, Ph.D. is a Carol S. Russett Award-winning Professor of Political Science and International Studies. A Bloomberg News Political Contributor, she appears regularly on BN TV & Radio shows such as Balance of Power and Sound On to discuss breaking political news


Dr. Sheehan Zaino graduated summa cum laude from the University of Connecticut in Storrs where she was awarded the distinction of University Scholar and membership into Phi Beta Kappa. She received her first master's in Survey Research, an MPO from the prestigious Roper Center at UConn. She went onto get a second Masters's in Public Policy, and later a Ph.D. in Political Science with a concentration in Theory, Law, and the American government at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 

Core Expertise

    Leadership & Diversity

    Risk Management

    Governance in Divisive Times/Up-streaming


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