Uma Rudd


Global Keynote Speaker, Creative Director, Founder - The Female Idea, Best-selling Author
Core expertise:
  • Creativity & Branding

  • Women Empowerment & Inclusivity

  • Technology & Innovation

UMA'S KeyNote:

Elon Musk says in the future, human jobs will be taken over by intelligent machines. But a loss of income won’t be humanity’s biggest problem. We will be faced with an existential crisis where we lose our sense of value and worth because most people derive their purpose from their occupation.


This keynote helps you find your purpose in life beyond your occupation. It helps you discover all of who you are and how you can proudly, completely and boldly bring this to any table you take a seat at, in its fullness to influence the world you live in as you maintain your focal point and remember who you are and why you are here.



Uma is an award-wining creative director, futurist, author and a global keynote speaker on topics such as women empowerment, future innovation, human transformation and creativity.


She’s delivered over 60 keynotes in 9 countries to over 100,000 people in the last five years. With a high energy, inspiring style where she touches the hearts of her audience in an authentic and vulnerable way, Uma hopes to empower people all over the world to live their lives in a purpose-driven way.


She has been interviewed in magazines, on radio shows, CNA, podcasts and live social media broadcasts. She’s also a regular columnist on disruptive parenting in New Grace, a monthly magazine that goes out to over 3,000 people.


Uma has an M.A. in Digital Media Management & Technology from Hyper Island. She's a mum of two.

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Uma has a unique way of looking at things and engaging the crowd. You need to listen to how she weaves in stories that draw people to her.

- Kenneth Kwan, Leadership & Motivational Speaker, Author of Small Steps to Big Changes

Uma has an amazing ability to connect with the audience and I felt lucky to have her on stage for General Assembly’s events. Her presentations about topics such as creative design trends or women empowerment were powerful and to the point.

-Gabriela Zahoranska, Marketing Manager at General Assembly

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