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This is what they say:

Ron Kaufman:

New York Times Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker on 'Uplifting Service'

“At this moment in history, women’s views and voices have the opportunity, indeed the responsibility, to be clearly and fully heard. I encourage every event organizer to ensure that women’s voices are fully present on your platforms. I invite every woman to stand up and speak up for what you find most important. And I expect every thoughtful man to recognize the power and importance of this moment, and to provide firm, fair, and full support.”

Fredrik Härén: 

The Global Conference Speaker on Business Creativity, Change, and Global Mindset

“From now on, if I am asked to sit on an all-male panel I will give up my seat so they can find a woman instead, and I will happily help them find her too if they don’t know where to look. More women on stages will, in a small but symbolic way, help set the stage for more women in leadership positions overall.”

Tim Wade:

Conference Speaker on “Motivate Positive Change”

"Demonstrate that the panel is adequately representing the diversity of views that would provide even more value to any audience; to me, this must mean that there are females and males on the panel."

Andrew Bryant:

Motivational Speaker on ‘Self Leadership’

“As a father of two daughters, and as someone who coaches women leaders to have Executive Presence, I strongly support this initiative and say, “No” to appearing on all-male panels. The time has come to show the diversity of thought and without women on the platform, how can that be?”


David Lim:

Everest expedition leader, Motivational Speaker

"Leaving women out of speaking opportunities at a conference is like leaving half of your brainpower at home. Women

belong on the stage, just as they do on the summits of any mountain."

Jeremy Blain:

Global Conference Speaker and award-winning business leader and author

"I find the fact we are still talking about this a worry. We all need to stand up and do more as well as say more. Personally I am committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, stage, platform etc. In fact, I pledge to actively challenge wherever there is evidence of gender bias and wider diversity lenses being skewed. I will continue to actively sponsor KeyNote on my website and in my communications, talking the talk and walking the walk."

Dave Rogers:

‘Inspiring the Spirit of Enterprise’

International Speaker, Author, and Co-Founder of "She Says, He Says” Town Forum in Singapore 

"Enable, Encourage, Engage Women For Your Global Platform for Unity in Diversity and Global Dialogue."

Jerome Joseph:

President Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore

Professional Speaker on Brand Engagement

‘It takes action to change – this year as Convention Chair of Asia Professional Speakers, I specifically wanted to increase diversity on the platform starting first with ensuring we had more women speakers and having a female host for the first time in a long time and we had 12 different nationalities represented on stage. Beyond looking at gender, I truly believe it is time for the diversity of humanity in all it's gender, race and other glories to make this world a better place."

Rob Salisbury:

Creating exceptional results and value for clients, customers, bureaus and alliance partners

"Conferences and panels are much more impactful (and lasting) when woman and men equally share their wisdom, inspiration and experiences."

Robin Speculand:
Professional Speaker on Strategy Implementation

“As a strategy implementation specialist I deeply appreciate the value of diversity in thinking and actions in business. There is a strong need to start 2018 with a dramatic increase with more woman on panels and boards and I look forward to sharing the stage with more women in the year ahead.”

Manoj Vasudevan

World Champion of Public Speaking

Next Level Leadership Expert

"The world has already woken up to the fact that women with their drive, capability and determination have proven themselves in every sphere of human endeavor. If event organisers ignore the passion, prowess and perspectives that diverse participation brings along, they are doing themselves and their delegates a gross disservice." 

Coen Tan

International Speaker on Authentic Leadership

"Sometimes, when asked, "Can you step up?" A man may more likely say "YES!" and a woman may say "I try." In a masculine dominated corporate world, we may favor someone who sounds more confident, and so give men opportunity over women who say "I try." How much of the confidence is authentic, and how much is based on overconfidence and hubris?

Yet, on the other hand, I have seen many women who "try" very hard by putting in the additional hard yards and effort to make sure that they grow to fit that larger stage. This to me, is authentic power. I believe it's time for us to lean into that, and support women by giving them that opportunity to demonstrate their gifts and prove their worth. That's why I think Keynote is such an Empowering Platform."

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