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Dr. Indigo 


Every week, we will be featuring a different speaker in our "SpotLight" column.

This week, we are featuring Dr. Indigo Triplett, bestselling author of  Playing by the Unwritten Rules book series and CEO of 4D Performance.

Sheila: What made you decide to be a speaker?

Dr. Indigo: It was never a decision. I've always been a leader and teacher, which is a part of my DNA. As a child, I would speak my mind and share my thoughts so much so that I was considered disruptive in class. My elementary report card said, "She tends to finish her work early and roam around the room and disturb others." I stayed in trouble for being me. It was about finding my purpose. I know that I am here in this body, at this very time in history and located in this specific spot to share a message. Mark Twain said, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Sheila: What books would you recommend as required reading?

Dr. Indigo: Of course, I'm going to say my book series. If you don't believe in your own product(s) enough to push it, then shame on you, right? So, I would recommend Playing by the Unwritten Rules book series. The first book is Moving from the Middle to the Top, 2nd book is From a Job Defense to a Career Offense, and 3rd book Here is What I Think: This is What I Know.  I've had profound success with these books as my speaking foundation! I sold 1,000 copies of book 1 and then another 1,000 copies of book 2 to one client. I don't try to be a best seller on Amazon and stuff like that, I try to reach people through my speaking engagements and by offering programmes where the books are the foundation. So, I generate more income by selling directly to my clients. Corporations, individuals, etc. buy the books because it is as if I'm having a fireside chat with them, and I'm very transparent and honest about things that reader can identify with such as betrayal in the workplace, how to become promotable, how to leverage your diversity, etc. More importantly, the very things that I advocate I practice which is what I write about. The first book was originally written for a woman client to coach her on dealing with employees, but it has transcended gender, race, ethnicity, etc. because we all encounter the elusive game in our career.

Sheila: What was the most important lesson you've learned in life that you wish to share to others?

Dr. Indigo: The greatest life and career lesson that I've been fortunate to learn is FORGIVENESS. Recently, I went through several storms in my life that left me doubting myself, angry with the world to include God, and in a dark place that I had to climb out of. But, once I was able to forgive that released me from the imprisonment of my heart, mind and soul. But, it wasn't easy. I had to first learn what was forgiveness and then how to do it. So, I went on a journey of understanding what every religious book speaks about but gives no instructions on how, and that is forgiveness.  Having a PhD, I'm a researcher by heart and trade, so I began researching and I developed new thought around the topic with actual exercises to help people forgive and let go of pain, disappointment, anger, etc. all of which are usually attached to someone. So, for the first time in my life, which is huge since I'm 55, I'm free and I feel called to help others to become free similar to Harriett Tubman, a Black Woman Abolitionist, in America. I help people break the chains of resentment, fear, anger, etc. that weigh them down to enjoy a life of freedom by letting go of memories, people and circumstances.

I knew why early on that speaking is my life's purpose. And, then I discovered my passion, which is what I speak about. I'm passionate about people succeeding, I'm passionate about women finding their voice and speaking their truth, and I'm passionate about healing others by inspiring and pouring into them with love. But, it wasn't easy for a variety of reasons but when I started to live my purpose, I stepped into my greatness. And, everyone is offered the same. That has become my life's work.

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