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Every week, we will be featuring a different speaker in our "SpotLight" column.

This week, we are featuring Aarathi, an entrepreneur and mother, passionate about being in business and connecting communities through causes close to her heart.

Sheila: Who is / are your greatest inspiration?

Aarathi: The rebels - the ones who quietly do what they want to do, disrupting their worlds in small ways, but managing to make the biggest noise, most times with such doubt in their hearts, often times without event realising it. as cliche as this may be, my mother was one such person. she did everything right or so it seemed in my eyes, and yet in her own rebellious ways managed to change things for so many female ophthalmologists after her, paving the way for leadership roles, scholarships and opportunities to do more within their professions. all while quietly helping many regain their sight. I only hope they told her how much their sight meant to them...for clarity usually presents itself in hindsight.

Sheila: What changes in the world do you see as having the greatest impact to people's lives?

Aarathi: The rise of silos - in personal lives particularly. as we get more and more connected, there is a lot to be said about the act of connecting to people and communities by touch and by being present. the lack of face to face communication strips away authentic conversations and exchanges, allowing us to side step reaching in, digging deep and confronting the deeper questions that might allow for better representation of us as a people. career.

Sheila: What's plans do you have in the next few months you'd like people to know?

Aarathi:I want to speak at more events, about the fear of speaking up as well as the need to connect and communicate with the communities around us. I would like to have more conversations about how we can break the barriers and talk about taboo topics so that as a person we can be seen, and understood and accepted for the warriors that we all are.

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