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I'm fascinated by the power of a well-crafted story to have a deep impact on the life of another person. I love nothing better than the opportunity to tell such stories. A well-told story is unforgettable and allows wisdom to be imparted in a way that is us together learning rather than top-down instruction. It's an enjoyable, non-threatening, and easy way to learn. Your company would engage me for one of two reasons:  


1. You want to create a more positive team. You'd like your team to understand, and practice, the things that build trust and create bonding. You need your people to take responsibility instead of giving excuses or laying blame. You're keen for your staff to experience a deep-down transformative change in their relationships, both at home and at work.  


2. You'd like your workplace culture to hum with positivity. You'd like each member of your team to be engaged, have a can-do attitude, and be resilient through the ups, the downs, and the changes.  


You'd love to see complaining and whining disappear and be replaced with cheerful staff who love to find their own solutions. My work is a mix of relatable tales, science, and humor that make my sessions both highly engaging and noted for their long-lasting impact in the workplace. The simplicity of what I deliver is constantly commented upon and in my workshops, it wouldn't be unusual for a neuroscientist to enjoy the same 'aha' moments as a teenage attendee. 

About Toni

Toni Powell is an authorstorytellerwake up artist and a passionate enquirer about what makes people tick. She's constantly researching her favorite topics: why good relationships work and how to create a wonderful life. Toni's funny, yet profound, keynotes have seen her speaking on stage alongside the likes of Brene Brown, Ruby Wax, and The Dalai Lama.  


Brene even said that Toni's 2013 TEDx talk The Power of Words had a big impact on her life. What a Feeling is Toni's newest book; a candid and entertaining book that's based on 40 years of personal research into what makes for great relationships with everyone you know. 

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