Sonja's KeyNote

UltraCreativity - Powerful tools to unleash the full potential and find ways to make the impossible possible UltraCreativity is an incredibly powerful concept to unleash the mind's full potential and make the impossible is possible, especially during challenging times. Sonja's highly impactful speeches on UltraCreativity have deeply inspired thousands of people from around the globe and helped them to truly excel. To prove how UltraCreativity works Sonja challenged herself publicly during the hight of the COVID-19 crisis: the seemingly impossible task was to write a bestseller in one week! What seemed beyond reach has become a #1 bestseller on Amazon in four categories on three continents as well as #1 New Release within the week Sonja wrote "UltraCreativity - The Experiment". Her speeches on UltraCreativity are equally effective for individuals as well as corporations. The learnings are easy to relate to, the tools easy to apply, the results phenomenal. If you need your teams to be open for change, be highly productive, adopt a truly agile mindset and excel at what they do, Sonja is the right speaker that will help you achieve your objectives and reach incredible ROI. One thing is sure, Sonja delivers and she delivers well!

Core Expertise

  • Branding
  • Purpose
  • Creativity

About Sonja

Sonja Piontek is an acclaimed global keynote speaker and bestselling author on UltraCreativity that has spoken in 23 countries and inspired thousands of people from the stage. She is known for the impressive results she delivers. Sonja looks back on an international executive career with one of the world's most prestigious brands, BMW. End of 2017, the Director of Marketing for BMW Asia left the corporate world to focus on her speaking career and to set up her award-winning agency Sonnenkind - specializing in the creation of unforgettable & meaningful travel experiences for high net worth clients and renown international brands like Leica Camera, LandRover or Lamborghini. Leading international publications regularly feature Sonja and her outstanding work. Sonja fully speaks the corporate language and regularly gets booked by multinationals like Google, LandRover, the Badminton World Federation, or Gilead as they appreciate her understanding of their challenges and objectives as well as her ability to deliver tangible results.


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