Priyadarshini's KeyNote

The Divine Feminine: A unique leadership approach to unlock your true potential. 


What is the divine feminine energy? And what does it have to do with leadership? Is it only relevant for women?  

The fact is, all humans have masculine and feminine energies, and only when these are in balance & harmony, can we unlock our true potential. In her talk, Priya takes the audience on a journey to a more balanced approach to leadership – one that unleashes true power & influence, not a forceful 'top down' power, but rather a "surge" that taps into collective consciousness.


She establishes the context and the need for embracing our feminine energy, which is rooted in Eastern philosophy but contextually set in the modern-day. Priya explores what the divine feminine energies are, how they shape us, and the true power that we can release when we are in balance. The talk ends with some practical tips on how we can tap into our divine feminine and take the steps towards becoming better leaders, parents, friends, and humans. 


Let Priya inspire you to shift your leadership paradigm by embracing your divine feminine energy! 

About Priyadarshini

A senior female leader with over 21 years of multi-country, multi-industry experience in blue-chip organisations, Priyadarshini Sharma has personally experienced several rites of passage including juggling career and family, dealing with discrimination, and helping other female leaders to thrive within their organisations. With that in mind, she became a professional speaker to share her wisdom and give back. She is a passionate and eloquent speaker on topics including Marketing & Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion, Coaching, and Leadership and can connect with and inspire diverse audiences.


Having lived and worked in 6 countries, Priya speaks four languages fluently and calls Singapore home. She is a certified coach and is dedicated to helping people achieve their potential. Priya is an accomplished writer with articles published in various international publications, and she is currently working on her first book. She is also a recipient of the “Campaign Asia Women to Watch award. Priyadarshini holds a certification for Advanced public speaking and professional presenting from the Harvard extension school.

Core Expertise

    Marketing and Strategy


    Coaching for success


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