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Elevating Consciousness Through Authentic Leadership Alliances 



The pace of change the world of business is experiencing and its connectivity with deep societal, political and environmental changes make authentic leadership alliances the most important opportunity for leaders to drive organizational growth and create brave, corporate cultures of cooperation and trust. In this inspirational keynote, Nicole Heimann will invite her audience to consider the value of authentic leadership, stimulate their own thinking around this important topic, and help them build their own opinions to guide their personal and organizational growth.  


Authentic Leadership means not only engaging in a process of inner growth to become the best leader you can be, but it also means empowering one's team to do the same. Working together in authentic leadership alliances leads to higher levels of awareness and to more conscious and purposeful actions; serving something greater than oneself. By doing this, business leaders elevate individual and collective consciousness. 

About Nicole

As a veteran in her industry, Nicole has spent two decades coaching and training geographically diverse teams inside some of the world's biggest and most successful companies. She has spoken at prestigious HR summits and delivered galvanizing talks & coached CEOs, Executive Boards, Executive teams, and large global organizations. Her strategy focuses on working together to build authentic and successful leadership alliances & cultures with boards, CEOs, and leadership teams through executive team coaching.  


She is the Founder and CEO of Nicole Heimann & Partners AG, author of the book How To Develop The Authentic Leader in You, and has been recognized with the Leading Global Coach Award 2019 by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith at the Thinkers 50 in London. She is part of the 100Coaches and the Biographer in the Marshall Goldsmith movie documentary The Earned Life. As an expert in Authentic Leadership, she contributes monthly to the Swiss Online Economics magazine, Money cab, and is an Associate Partner for Leadership Expertise at C-Level AG, the leading Top-Executive Community in Switzerland. 

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