Neetu's KeyNote

Unleash your Evolution with infinite possibilities of life 

Personal evolution is not an option anymore in this dynamic world, it is a necessary inside-out journey for individuals and organizations. A journey worth embarking on to unleash your full growth potential, get inspired to dream big and motivated to achieve what you truly deserve, and be what you ever desire to be using 3Es. Learn what are the most poignant regrets and how they haunt until one explores, evolves, and rediscovers themselves.


Explore, Experience, Evolve, a 3Es journey worth embarking on for personal and organizational growth. Get on this growth journey with me to explore infinite possibilities, develop resilience to take risks, and achieve whatever you ever desired.  

About Neetu

Neetu Choudhary is a Solutionist Life Coach with a niche in neuroscience. As a continuous improvement leader, keynote speaker, author, passionate quality professional, and an international EFQM Business Excellence Awards Assessor, Neetu is a thought-provoking, inspirational, and practice-oriented speaker.  

Her audacity to explore life, passion for learning and sharing, expertise in emotional intelligence, growth-mindset approach, ability to connect neuroscience insight into real-life implementations, and simple approaches to enable others to explore their own life journey have significantly changed the lives of many for the better. She is a versatile personality with diverse expertise from Six Sigma to IT service management; risk and project management to philanthropy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and conscious parenting. 

She is based in Dubai and has helped people across the globe find solutions for personal and professional challenges. She helps teams and individuals who feel stuck in life to explore their self-development journey. 

Core Expertise

    Leadership Using Neuroscience

    Work-Life Equanimity

    Life Solutions


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