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More often than not, starting a conversation about the things that matter is difficult, yet they are usually the ones worth having. In the 21st century world we live in, companies are still forgetting that the emotional health of their employees is the very foundation of their success. People are our greatest asset—so why in today’s modern corporate world, are we not taking better care of them?  


So, few corporates employ professional psychologists within their organisations, so many leaders get away with corporate bullying and so many employees suffer in silence. Mollie’s keynote on Emotional Inclusion shares how to: - Break down archaic business stereotypes - Lead the way to a better corporate ecosystem - Practice 5 ingredients to Emotional Inclusion - Connect to our humanness - Be bold and be brave 

About Mollie Jean

Mollie Jean De Dieu is the General Manager of the French fashion and accessory company, Longchamp, in Singapore & Malaysia, a keynote speaker, and an avid promoter for wellness in the workforce. Over her one-and-a-half-decade long career in the fashion industry and listening to hundreds of stories of people who have navigated work whilst facing the ‘perfect storm’, Mollie realized the ‘realness’ of the subject matter and the urgent need to advocate a safe platform in the corporate world, where emotions can be heard, recognized and dealt with, for enhanced business productivity.  


A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Mollie grew up between Africa, France, the United States and has made Asia her home for the past fourteen years. She spent 9 years in Hong Kong and 5 years in Singapore where she currently resides today. Founder of the ‘Emotional Inclusion’ tagline and movement (, Mollie draws her passion in life through sharing conversations with captains of industry to break down archaic business stereotypes and lead the way to a better emotionally accepting corporate ecosystem. Mollie’s mission is here to shatter the status quo of today’s business landscape and lead the way to a wholesome new mindset in the workforce. 

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