Liana's KeyNote

From Stigma to SolutionAddressing Mental Health in the Workplace 


The mental health struggle in Asia is a workplace pressure cooker. Driven by a long and complex history of stigmatism, silent apathy has long been the prevailing approach to mental health in much of Asia. Although the region ranks second globally in the prevalence of common psychiatric disorders, the discrimination perpetuated against those with mental ill-health means prevention and access to treatment have been far from adequate. 


As working adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work, workplace conditions contribute significantly in determining their mental health. Consequently, the actions — or inactions — of organisations in shaping the workplace environment can profoundly impact the mental well-being of employees. The responsibility for creating a positive working environment, supportive of employees’ broader emotional well-being, lies with employers. 


To reduce stigma, boost the health of the workforce and achieve measurable outcomes, we need to treat mental health like any other aspect of health and create strategic, joined-up solutions that look at the well-being of people in its entirety. It’s no longer acceptable for organisations to trade off performance against well-being — they must combine empathy and economics to be sustainable. 





About Liana

Liana is a Partner with a multinational consulting business, based in Singapore and is the Multinational Client Group Leader for Asia. She has worked for 19 years in the insurance, broking, and consulting industry in both Asia and Australia, with 15 years of experience focused on international consulting in the HR and employee benefits space. 

She is an ambassador for diversity and inclusion in the workplace across Asia, driving thought leadership and related solutions on mental wellbeing and an aging workforce and structuring inclusive rewards programs. Outside of her day job, Liana is the Lead Chair for Women@Mercer BRG for Asia, is a member of the women in business group at Britcham and the MMC Asia Pacific Risk Committee, looking at issues impacting Asia and organisations from risk, workforce, aging & automation and climate change/reliance perspective. 


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