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Lavinia speaks regularly on topics around Women in Leadership. Her experience as President of PrimeTime and as a board member of the Singapore Council for Women's Organisations (SCWO) gives her gravitas in the field. She speaks persuasively about the business case for inclusion and is regularly invited to comment on current gender issues by the media. Lavinia's Asian and Singaporean roots also make her an excellent addition to panel discussions on women in Asia with the prerequisite cultural background to address sensitive topics. Lavinia is a branding and communications expert by profession and is also invited to speak on topics around personal branding, social media branding, and effective communications. She most recently delivered a workshop on confidence in public speaking in our KeyNote training program. Lavinia's signature talk Embrace the Crazy is an inspiring 45min session created for a corporate setting that will nudge the audience into making positive changes in their lives. She customizes the talk for each company or organization and it can be extended to a 90min session with an interactive session.

About Lavinia

"Lavinia Thanapathy is the Former President of PrimeTime Business & Professional Women's Association, a volunteer-led non-profit organization. In addition, Lavinia serves on the Executive Board of the Singapore Council for Women's Organisations (SCWO), the national cordinating body for women's organisations in Singapore. Professionally, Lavinia has an international, 17 year record of creating brand awareness for businesses, government institutions and not for profit organisations. A lawyer by training, Lavinia is currently the Associate Director for Communications at the National University of Singapore's Faculty of Law. Lavinia was previously Vice President and Regional Editor in chief of an award-winning online publisher. Prior to that, she was the Head of Press for the European Union's Delegation in Singapore. Lavinia is married to Ambassador Karsten Warnecke, Executive Director at the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF), and is the mother and stepmother to five children aged 7-27 years."

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