Karin's KeyNote

Driving Innovation Through Connections and Curiosity  



Common career advice extolls finding a single focus and building a specialty that will give one credibility and value. In her Keynote, Karin challenges the notion that specialization is the only, or more desirable, career strategy.  


Her own experience of navigating her career with constant curiosity and eagerness to try new roles, albeit challenging, helped her develop into a stronger executive that is able to clearly see what skills are needed in an organization or team. Throughout her career, she has been able to draw on her extensive & varied experience to creatively tackle new problems often in ways, she never could have imagined.  


Connecting the dots between one's experiences and learnings and maintaining curiosity is critically important in today's rapidly changing world, both within teams and individuals. Regardless of career stage, or team maturity, there is value in deliberately acquiring new skills and applying these in new areas. Karin speaks to groups and to professionals at every stage of their careers to provide inspiration and guidance on how to maintain that level of curiosity and apply it across multiple domains. 

About Karin

Karin is an Executive with 20+ years of experience in Operations, Finance, and Strategy across the International Development, Banking, and Professional Services Industries. She is passionate about driving transformation and innovation at an individual level and across corporate culture. With her diverse background, she has a special talent for consolidating learnings from across multiple domains.  


Her corporate experience has included leading change initiatives, defining and leading strategic transformation alongside Boards and Executive committees, and conceptualizing corporate reorganization plans.  Karin has lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East, Singapore, and the USA. Originally hailing from the USA, she leverages her international experience to craft cross-culturally compelling leadership and change initiatives. 


Core Expertise