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Leadership Upside Down 



How to lead in a world of less hierarchy, flatter organizations, and shared accountability. Today's leaders are expected to deliver results and demonstrate outstanding behavioral competencies including inspiring others, influencing diverse stakeholders, and driving change. We are facing increasingly rapid disruption in the business world. We need to be fast, agile, and innovative. We need to reduce bureaucracy, empower employees, and collaborate with more stakeholders. Organizations in the future will be flatter.  


Employees will have more accountability. Information will be more readily available to all. There are likely to be fewer leadership positions on the organization chart: perhaps the role of leader as we know it today will no longer exist! What does this mean for you as a leader? What skills and competencies will you need to be effective? How will your career progress? Jodie's talk offers inspiration and practical methods to transition to a new way of working. 

About Jodie

Jodie Goulden is the Founder of Orgdesign Works, Board Member of the Organisation Design Institute and Organization Design Forum, and Faculty for European Organisation Design Forum. As a Consultant, Jodie helps senior leaders to reduce bureaucracy and hierarchy by designing better ways of working. She loves, lives, and breathes big companies, and believes that corporations can be a force for good.  


During a global HR and communications career in multinational companies, she lived and worked in Shanghai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, and Toronto. She has led international teams in corporate, strategic, and operational HR management roles. Her adventurous career is matched by her personal life; she has completed countless wilderness expeditions to Mt Everest base camp, sea kayaking in Alaska, and horse trekking in Mongolia. 

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