Joanna's KeyNote

Values-Based Mindful Leadership With decades of experience in leading transformational culture change in organizations, Joanna's Keynote inspires leaders to have greater courage, emotional fulfillment, and higher self-awareness so they are able to develop connections, trust, mindfulness, and lead change in the ever-changing corporate landscape. At an organizational level, her Keynote provides invaluable insights on how to become an employer of choice through cultivating the leadership & culture necessary to support collaboration, mergers, and digitization. Harnessing cultural capital will be firms competitive advantage in the 21st century. Her energizing & engaging approach coupled with her extraordinary message has inspired audiences at previous speaking engagements at the Canadian Police College, McGill University Leader's Circle, Women's Business Network, Asia Federation of Management for Human Resources, and the HR Summit, to name a few. Through her talks, leaders are invited to integrate the mind, body, and soul, thus benefiting from greater health, inner peace, and harmonious relationships. Moving beyond self-interest to act in the interest of the whole, she can help guide organizations on the culture shift from me to we, enabling the organization to not just be the best in the world, but also for the world."

Core Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Culture

About Joanna

Joanna is the CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, an organization of culture change consultants, facilitators, and speakers who work with senior leaders to facilitate cultural transformation in organizations and develop conscious leaders. For three decades, she has guided leadership teams through business transformation with a primary focus in Cultural Transformation & Conscious Leadership as organizations strive to increase employee engagement and perform at the highest levels. Joanna is also very passionate about inculcating a conscious culture in all organizations where values guide behavior. Building on the tenets of her talks on Cultural Transformation and Conscious Leadership, she delves into key questions around how leaders can build a conscious culture; one that is values-driven and empowers employees to reach their highest potential.  Having recently moved back to Ottawa, Canada after living in Singapore for 5 years, Joanna provides a global perspective as a thought-leader on Conscious Leadership and Cultural Transformation. Joanna's other passions include Equine facilitated leadership which she is also expertly able to help organizations explore & benefit from. Through working with horses, leaders connect to self, others, and nature which supports increased confidence to grow and reach the next level of leadership. This highly specialized training helps teams gain intuitive and emotional intelligence, increasing heart-centered potential the true power of conscious individuals, leaders, and teams.


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