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Are strategic stakeholder management and sustainability just buzzwords in your company or are they a part of your DNA? Claudia believes that strategic stakeholder management & sustainability should be hardwired into an organisation which requires to work across functions and geographies; and once you establish strategic stakeholder management & sustainability as part of your business bible, you will see the business benefits, in the short-, medium-, and long term.  


In her keynote speech, she will give insights on how to align your company’s sustainability agenda to expectations from the external environment across stakeholders, audiences and geographies; how to manage the external environment to support business objectives & your company’s reputation & sustainability efforts, as well as gaining and keeping its social license to operate. Claudia's experience with Fortune 500 companies, and her track record in strategic global stakeholder management within an increasingly complex business and legislative/ regulatory environment will provide you with best practices to align the purpose of your company with sustainability goals and overall external stakeholders’ expectations. 

About Claudia

Currently, at the helm of the Head of International Public Affairs for a leading animal health company and a member of the senior leadership team, Claudia brings 20 years of experience in strategic global stakeholder management and diverse public affairs, government relations, public policy, and communication experience to the table. She has gained perspectives from different roles and projects across various industries and organisations: she worked in politics; for multinational corporations; an industry trade association and a public affairs and communication consultancy firm.  


Her expertise covers a variety of sectors including environment, agriculture, biotechnology, and healthcare. Having been politically active and held various leadership positions at a non-governmental organization for over a decade, Claudia’s passion for sustainability runs deep. She was the Chairwoman of several EUW International Commissions, a candidate for the European Parliament elections in 2004 and 2009, and was elected twice as a personal substitute to a member of the European Parliament. It is Claudia’s intention to drive sustainability at executive & board levels and to ensure it is hardwired across the business, in both operations and innovations while enhancing corporate reputation.  


In so doing she builds on her passion for sustainability and 20 years of experience in complex and diverse strategic global stakeholder management, as well as her track record of successfully influencing the external business environment. Claudia believes that in a complex external environment, managing the external environment beyond a business’ focus on the direct customer is key. It is not the only key for the company’s reputation and sustainability efforts, but also for the company to gain and keep its social license to operate as well as to drive short-term business success, e.g., in the context of product introductions & adoptions. Claudia displays a great ability to see issues through different lenses. Her extensive network and multi-disciplinary knowledge across industries and organisations are key attributes that make her a leader in her field. She speaks English and German and also communicates fluently with colleagues, stakeholders, and friends in French, Italian and Dutch. 

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