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The Power Behind How to Do Everything the Way You Do Your Best Things


For years people have been struggling to do well at work and outside, an eternal struggle at work-balance balance. It’s because we focus too much on Doing rather than Being.


In this talk, Anupama will attentively lead the audience to a state of equilibrium – a state of mental and emotional balance – by taking them out of the state of “Doing” and into the state of “Being” which in essence shifts the actions from Reactive to Intentional Living. She will guide the audience to realign their life with personal values and purpose, which allows them to achieve while keeping equilibrium. 
Engage Anupama to explore your personal paths to achieve with equilibrium and use Congruence as a skill for self-mastery.   


About Anupama

Like many, Anupama also wanted a balanced life. Her view on how to achieve this is radically different to most: balance is not so much about adopting new strategies but rather realigning oneself.


With over a decade of experience working in several countries and in different roles, Anupama is able to bring practical real-world experience to her coaching, mentoring, and speaking It’s this fusion of first-hand experience, personal anecdotes along with evidence-based tips that enables her to connect so deeply with her audiences and create such transformational outcomes. 


Anupama specialises in helping people overcome the ‘Imposter Phenomenon’ through her work in the area of ‘Enoughness’. She has delivered webinars and conducted workshops and group coaching in this context.   

Core Expertise



    Well-being through coaching



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