Anupama's KeyNote

Personal congruence is the key to effortless Personal Resilience


Research suggests that at any given time 55% of employees are languishing, and 35% are flourishing (BetterUp, The People Experience Platform). Employee well-being is predicted to have the greatest impact on the workplace of the future (74%) - HBR.


Beyond equipping employees with access to mental well-being avenues, allowing people to flourish means helping them understand what shakes and makes them.  

Anupama will lead the audience to a state where Personal Resilience shines by taking them out of the state of “Doing” and into the state of “Being” which shifts actions from reactive to intentional living. She will guide them to realign their life with self-knowledge, personal values, and purpose, empowering them to flourish while evolving with effortless Personal Resilience. 


Enoughness for Leaders to Be - Lead with Inner Confidence


A 2020 study by KPMG reported that 75 percent of high-performing executive women in the US have had imposter experience, aka recurring self-doubt about their abilities. Up to 70% of executives are likely to encounter imposter experience during the course of their career.


One of the most important attributes a leader-to-be needs to have is inner confidence, the ability to understand oneself, recognise non-conducive patterns, and work on transforming to a state of Enoughness, aka self-adequacy. Without this, no training can bring the expected benefits to organisations as low performance and employee attrition will persist. 

In this talk, participants will be able to recognise their self-limiting patterns and reprogram them in order to embrace new situations and give their best to their roles, teams and organisation. 









About Anupama

Anupama has spent over 15 years as an IT consultant in multiple roles across Asia, Europe, and North America. She has led transformation projects for global financial institutions, constantly raising the bar in the way clients implement change within their organisations. It was during her successful professional life, combined with evolving family life, that she discovered that living life being inspired and relaxed at the same time is not so much about adopting new strategies, it is rather about realigning oneself.


She now empowers professionals to shift from reactive to intentional living through her 'Achieve with Equilibrium' coaching, transformational talks, and leadership development programs. She is a specialist in enabling highly accomplished individuals to overcome imposter experiences through the ‘Ignite the Leader Within’ coaching program. Her mission is to empower people to discover their personal resilience comprising resilient thinking, emotional balance, and recovery through personal congruence. She has spoken at several universities in Singapore namely NUS Medicine, Duke NUS, and NTU, and given talks at HP Enterprise, Swiss Re, and Alcon, to name a few.

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