Abam's KeyNote

As organizations grapple with the Great Resignation, declines in engagement, and calls for more inclusive, nondiscriminatory, and safer workplaces, Abam’s keynote offers a unique perspective on Belongingness as a solution.  

Through her multicultural lens, and multidisciplinary “Elastify Me” model, Abam appeals to our individual and collective “third need” for belonging, and highlights the correlation between belonging and engagement. She teaches organizations and leaders how to “elastify” to increase their belongingness quotient (BQ), demystifies diversity and inclusion for novices, ensures cultural relevancy, and rebalances Speak Up. You will leave inspired and enthusiastically asking: “What is my BQ?” 


Keynote Topics Include: 


The Kampung Spirit at Work 

Through storytelling, history, and the ‘outsider’s lens,’ this keynote offers a unique perspective on diversity, otherness, home, and belonging in today’s workplace.  [Crafted for Singapore audiences] 


Elastify!: Elastic allows us a little more wiggle or breathing room. This talk focuses on how individuals, teams, and organizations can flex or “elastify” to strengthen their cultural framework. 


Diversity + Inclusion = Belonging 

This talk demystifies diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and highlights why Belongingness should be etched into the cultural framework of every organization.


Shut Up and Listen 

This provocative talk challenges the traditional approach to Speak Up programs and proposes new ways to un-dirty “speak up” and encourage a Listen Up culture.  

About Abam

Abam Mambo is the Managing Director for workplace consultancy, BelongingIQ. She’s an employment lawyerBelonging, Diversity and Inclusion strategist, and thought leader on workplace culture. She helps organizations boost employee engagement by etching Belongingness into their cultural footprint. 


Her Belongingness Quotient model adopts a fresh and multi-disciplinary approach to creating a diverseinclusivesafe and engaged workforce. A captivating speaker, Abam has spoken in over 25 cities around the world to organizations including the World Health Organization, Microsoft, GSK, John Deere, and Transparency International, etc. 


A former litigator and workplace investigator, she has advised and trained C-suite executives and their organizations on fair employment practices, diversity and inclusion, and speak-up culture. Abam has held regional, director-level roles in Legal and Compliance at Microsoft and GSK. She’s lived and led teams in North America, Africa, and Asia, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.  

Core Expertise

    Belonging and Community

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Engagement and Speak Up

    Personal Development


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