Sweta's KeyNote

Wellbeing at Work 


Integrating principles of well-being with people practices 


During the course of my work in various HR domains such as Engagement, Performance management, Leadership Development, and Learning, I figured that watching out for the positivity of employee experience as an outcome should be emphasized as much as the designing of an efficient people process. Trying to implement wellbeing at work only in the form of isolated events such as physical activity sessions, dance classes or webinars on mental health is a very superficial approach. Such an approach prevents organizations from making a conscious evaluation of a) employee experience as an outcome of policy decisions and b) of the current context to the overall wellbeing of individuals. Through my keynote, I attempt to accomplish the following:


1. Contextualizing wellbeing at work given the current scenario.


2. Defining the leadership thought process behind a wellbeing-focused organization/team.


3. Explain a few simple principles of incorporating wellbeing into key HR areas. 

About Sweta

I am an HR practitioner with 17+years of varied HR experience and also an ICF certified coach. During the span of my career, I have set up people functions, conceptualized and implemented HR solutions such as competency frameworks, career progression models, leadership development initiatives, diagnostic interventions for culture assessment, and delivered more than 10000 hours of stand-up training.


I have worked in the capacity of a generalist as well as a specialist in a few domains; additionally, I have had the opportunity to deliver these solutions in mature as well as start-up environments. And one thing that has held me in good stead all these years is my passion is to integrate wellbeing principles into core people practices, processes, and solutions. Having worked across an array of industries such as consulting, banking, finance, IT, and ITES, I realize that conscious intentions lie at the core of the most effective people processes and policies.

Core Expertise

    Wellbeing at work

    Communicating with confidence

    Leading with presence


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