Aurelie's KeyNote

Happiness at work in practice: how to create happy and trusting teams


Aurelie Litynski aims to put a spotlight on the value of happiness in the workplace. We know from research that happiness not only affects individuals, but also happy employees are more connected, productive, less likely to be sick, and more engaged with others inside and outside the workplace. 


Through her inspirational stories, science-based practices, and exercises, Aurelie tailors her speech to meet the needs of each audience and organisation. Her keynote aims to inform, inspire and offer hands-on tools to start making a difference in the workplace. 

Sometimes people just need an “AHA” moment to take action!

About Aurelie

Aurelie Litynski, founder of Happitude at Work, has been trained by leading global experts on the topics of positive psychology, positive neuroplasticity, and happiness in the workplace. As Chief Happiness Officer, Aurelie draws on her extensive training and active engagement in the field to create workshops, programs, and public events that tackle topics such as workplace behaviour, communication, empathy, and trust. Her expertise spans a variety of industries and targets SMEs, multinational organizations, and corporate leaders while helping them boost happiness in the workplace, which translates to better productivity and performance. 


Aurelie is on a mission: turning frustrations at work into happiness at work! 


Core Expertise

    Happiness at work

    Positive psychology

    Leading with positivity


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