Arthi's KeyNote

Start Using AI (Authentic Intelligence) to Move Ahead in Your Career 


The aim of this keynote is to help the audience reconnect with their authentic intelligence - the brain - by promoting its development, care, and growth through conscious effort. The talk focuses on the awareness of how one’s brain is wired to process information, learn, and create habits, while simultaneously using that awareness to dismantle self-limiting beliefs, doubts, anxieties, narrow perspectives, and biases.  


This enables a new roadmap to be created that will form positive habits, thoughts, perspectives, and actions when it comes to career growth and development.

About Arthi

Arthi Rabikrisson is the Founder and Managing Director of Prerna Advisory, South Africa, which focuses on neuroscience-based coaching and assessments; strategic business consulting; and capital introduction to alternative funding sources. Her 15-year corporate career in banking and investments provides a wealth of expertise and networks. Arthi focuses on women empowerment and development; using her coaching, strategy, sales, and finance skills, she helps women craft their personal and business brands holistically and with confidence.  


Arthi has an MBA from Henley Business School and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. She serves on executive panels of coaches for a number of South African companies and is a non-executive director of Global Grassroots, an NGO focusing on women empowerment in vulnerable communities in Rwanda and Uganda. Arthi is a mentor on the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in Business; a member of The Boardroom Africa Foundation; and has hosted inspirational and educational podcasts.  

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