Dr. Sarah


Speaker, facilitator, consultant and ICF coach

Core expertise:
  • Emotional Equity

  • Building emotional resilience

  • Relocation wellbeing

DR. SARAH'S KeyNote:

Emotional Equity

Men and women are held to different gender standards when it comes to emotion in the workplace. According to the research, professional women suffer negative consequences for displays of emotion in the workplace, while professional men are accorded benefits for similar behaviors. Gender stereotypes also work against men, albeit in a different way. Studies show that men are typically taught not to show emotional vulnerability, and are expected instead to show only a limited range of emotions. These processes help set the course for many men towards violence and aggression.


In her keynote, Dr. Sarah Whyte shares insights from the research on gender stereotypes of emotion and the potential negative impacts of those emotional stereotypes in the workplace. She then explores how workplaces can work toward equity in emotional expression for both genders.

Building Emotional Resilience

Life is full of stressful experiences, both at work and at home. Have you ever wondered why some people are more susceptible to stress than others? Resilience is one factor that makes a big difference. People who successfully navigate through challenges and difficulties tend to have higher resilience. Resilience helps us to ‘bounce back’ from adversity and is a key component of good mental health and wellbeing. In this keynote, Sarah distills the neuroscience of emotions to share how feelings can be engaged to build resilience. The audience will take away proactive and practical strategies that they can apply immediately to increase resilience.

Are you prepared? The importance of emotional wellbeing throughout the relocation process

Relocations are stressful for the whole family. It’s tough to leave everything you know to go to a new country with a new home, new people, new culture, and new routines. While logistical support for relocation is readily available, the emotional aspect of relocation is rarely supported in a proactive way. By failing to anticipate and address feelings such as grief and anger, the stress throughout the relocation process is exacerbated. The negative impact can be lasting, particularly for children, and impacts on the relocation experience for everyone.

Drawing on research and her experience, Sarah will share the power of emotional wellbeing with simple and practical strategies, which can be easily applied at every stage of the relocation process.



With a degree in psychology and a doctorate in emotional intelligence, Dr. Sarah Whyte has a deep understanding of the connection between emotional agility and mental health.


Thanks to her academic background, Sarah constantly draws upon current and relevant research to inform best practices in her work. Through her engaging and impactful keynotes, people learn key strategies to navigate emotionally complex situations.


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