Pernille Dahlgaard

Innovation leader – Director at Accenture

Core expertise:
  • Connecting digital and business for multinational companies

  • Corporate entrepreneurship

  • People development – for life success


What is innovation and how do you make your organization innovative? - Not just while on that annual off-site, but every day?

Innovation is about creativity and it is about people, but it is also about action. The most amazing idea will only create value when communicated and acted upon. So how do you spur action on top of the creativity that your people inevitably possess?

Fear is one of the biggest barriers for both creativity and action. Unfortunately, fear is not necessarily controllable. Many organizations are driven, more or less,  deliberately out of fear. The question here now is: How do you create a safe environment, where people dare to bring up their crazy ideas, dare to share and discuss unusual ways of solving problems and dare to bring them to these up to management?

When this is in place, how do you ensure that your creative people generate and implement ideas that are of value to the company?

Innovation has a lot of aspects and today most people think of digital and innovation as being two sides of the same coin, however, innovation is so much more, and any organization will benefit from making focused innovation and creativity part of their modus operandi.



Pernille Dahlgaard is an international business executive with 20+ years of leadership experience in multinational companies. She has focused on corporate entrepreneurship in high Capex companies as well as providing support to emerging companies as a strategic advisor.

In the last few years during her time in Accenture, she has focused on the "New"  Digital, blockchain, IoT, and analytics. Her main focus was on how to transition into the connected world of the 21st century. 

Pernille has worked all her life in a truly international setting and, having lived in 6 countries across the globe, she has a strong understanding of multicultural issues in an international management context, Among her foray of skills includes the ability to optimize organizational development from a general management perspective to get the best results whilst respecting local cultures. She is a strong believer in diversity and growing the organization through people development and strong values.

She has served on the Board of Directors of established companies, start-ups and social corporations as well as mentor for both Aspire and INSEAD Women in Business.





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