Professional speaker, author, and owner of MetaMind Training
Core expertise:
  • Authenticity and Authentic Leadership
  • Identifying core values
  • Inclusive Leadership
METTE'S KeyNote:


Unmask the Leader Within™

– Lead with Authenticity

"Authenticity” is on every executive coach’s lips. But what is authenticity? Being real, being genuine, being you? 
In her talk, Mette takes the audience on a journey to provide clarity to what it means to be authentic. She explores the challenges of how to be ourselves, and discusses whether we have to show up as our entire selves at all times. 
To be authentic, we must start by knowing ourselves. Mette argues that it’s about knowing our strengths and weaknesses; knowing what energizes us and what drains us; and, the awareness about the core of being ourselves: knowing our values and passion. 
The power of knowing ourselves and being authentic is real. 

When we consistently show up as ourselves, we strengthen the foundation on which all human and business relations are build: trust. When we know our values, we will ignite our passion. This passion allows us to accomplish extraordinary things. When we are true to our values and accomplish extraordinary things, we inspire others with similar value systems. We become true leaders: those, who are followed not because of wealth, title, or position; but because we’re inspired to follow them. 
Let Mette inspire you to unmask your authentic you!


Mette Johansson is an author, professional speaker and the owner of MetaMind Training. She worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations for 15 years before she founded MetaMind Training, a training consultancy which provides learning programmes in leadership, people and communication skills.


Mette speaks internationally on how to become a true leader: the leader who we follow not because of their position, wealth or title – but because we are inspired to follow them.


For over 20 years, Mette has studied leadership, motivation and engagement. Her bestselling book "How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 skills to help you climb the career ladder" describes some of these skills, and more. She has co-authored two other books and is currently working on her next book project. 


Mette is a recipient of the Asia Women Icon award and is the initiator of and current Chair for KeyNote – Asia’s Women Speakers, Asia’s leading directory of female speakers.


Having lived, studied and worked in 11 countries, Mette is a global citizen who speaks fluently in four languages and now calls Singapore home. 


Mette is an exceptional speaker, trainer and author. She has a rich background in the corporate world and an entrepreneurial energy and vision.

- Daniel Priestley, Professional Speaker, 4-times best-selling author, CEO of Dent

I can highly recommend that you contact Mette to speak on leadership that delivers better results.

- Brian Tracy, Speaker, Author of 86 international and bestselling books and Success Expert

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