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Every week, we will be featuring a different speaker in our "SpotLight" column.

This week, we are featuring Joanna Barclay, a global speaker, and CEO of the Culture Leadership Group.  

Sheila, SpotLight editor:  Who is your greatest inspiration?

Joanna: Nelson Mandela. He is an inspiration to leaders across the world - the life force in human values. His courage to forgive and his compassion for all earned him the respect and trust necessary to unite a nation. May we find equal courage to unite in solving our global challenges. 

Sheila: What was the most important lesson you’ve learned in life that you wish to share to others?


Joanna: The importance of self-awareness in knowing who you are, living your values consciously, nurturing your positive qualities of empathy and compassion, living with a positive impact for the planet, and leading authentically.

Sheila: What plans do you have in the next few months you’d like people to know?

Joanna: Providing Equine Facilitated Leadership Coaching to develop Conscious, Compassionate, Altruistic Leadership. Our first workshop, Conscious Leadership – The Path to Awareness and Well-being through Values, Mindfulness and Interaction with Horses, will combine 3 approaches:

Equine Facilitated Learning: Consciously learning how to connect mind, body, and soul to realize our full human potential while working with horses.

Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices: Increasing self-awareness and improving emotional intelligence to foster compassion and happiness.

Coaching on Personal Values and Self-Expression: Connection and Contribution using the Barrett Values Centre 7 Levels of Consciousness model.

The workshop will be held on November 23 (evening), 24, and 25 2018, at Riders Lodge, Johor - Malaysia, a perfect natural getaway from busy Singapore!

For more information and registration: https://cultureleadershipgroup.com/event/mindfulness-path-awareness-horses/

Watch Joanna talk about The Winning Attitude that makes the biggest organisations thrive


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