Dr. Nicole


Taste Expert, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Virtual and International Presenter
Core expertise:
  • Breaking Bias and Barriers with Food
  • The Neuroscience of Happiness
  • Bringing Science to the Corporate Table
  • Edutainment with a Team Building Purpose


“Biting into Bias”

We are all unique in what we bring to the table. On teams, just like in life though, we sometimes overlook unique talents because of unconscious bias. Yes, the dreaded unconscious bias. No one really wants to own up to it. It takes a lot to be vulnerable and recognize that our life views and experiences make us each a bit less open and inclusive.


And who wants to be on the receiving end of that stick, nonetheless admit to it. But it doesn't have to be that way. The social experience of eating and drinking harkens back to the dawn of man. And as a flavor scientist, I can bring this connection back to your team.


By using food, drink, and humor, we pave the way for teams to understand what makes each person unique. In this fun and non-threatening way, organizations can more effectively recognize, respect and utilize the diverse talents each team member brings to the table, and keep the conversation going long after the last bite.


In business, as in life, it's the difficult topics that risk driving us apart. But when we come together around a common starting point, we find that instead of walls, we can build bridges. There is arguably nothing more satisfying in bringing people together than food and drink. Everyone eats, and it is a unifying force for tackling even the most difficult of topics. 


Meet Dr. Nicole Garneau, a scientist, TEDx alum, and award-winning communicator who uses guided tastings backed by science to make difficult topics accessible and interactive, all in demonstration that you are unique to what you bring to the table.


Dr. Nicole speaks on bias, mental health, failure, and success, using a humorous and heartfelt interplay of science, vulnerable storytelling, and effective tools. Her presentations lead to surprising insights and empowered audiences.


The best way to introduce Dr. Nicole Garneau is by reference to well-known science educators "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and Neil deGrasse Tyson in whose footsteps I see her following. She combines uncompromising science chops with the ability to entertain and excite as she speaks. Then she fronts it all with an infectious smile, an engaging personality, and an approachable demeanor.

-Ray Daniels, Founder and President, Cicerone Certification Program

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. Nicole Garneau as a speaker for your next event.  Dr. Garneau brings to her engagements a high-level of expertise that is backed by scientific research and neatly packaged and presented with a certain elegance that leaves audiences of any background fascinated and eager to know more.

-Melissa Antone, Quality Trainer, Brewers Association

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