Dr. Amy

ClinPsyD MPhil MA BSc(Hons) MAPS

Core expertise:​
  • Behaviour change

  • Psychological safety

  • Human connection

DR. AMY'S KeyNote: 
Fear Management and Psychological Safety

Amy is a psychologist, speaker, and author on fear management. Her work shows us how fear is the primary cause of poor performance at work inhibiting our courage and our communication. Creating psychological safety mindsets is essential for us to manage ourselves effectively as individuals and as collectives at work.



Her work shows people how to feel safe enough to contribute, create, correct, and evolve both as individuals and as teams despite our fears. Taking collective intelligence from stifled to remarkable, Amy's safe space programs teach people how to team for excellence.


Amy’s work as a Clinical Psychologist and Academic Tutor for Oxford University (in the UK) focused on fear preventing perceived choices. She has always been obsessed with people growth and has a passion for creating ripples of positive human behavior. Having moved out of clinical work 15 years ago, Amy now spends her time teaching people how to help others change. And with a short stint as a professional actress, Amy knows how to rock the stage!

Amy regularly publishes on growth, trust, and connection. Her book "Conversations Create Growth" is a practical book for managers to create performance and engagement growth in their direct reports. Her book "The Safe Space: Where growth happens" is due out in 2018 and will be the essential guide on how to create and use psychological safety in teams so they can do their best work.

Amy lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her professional qualifications include a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Forensic Psychiatry, Masters in Performance, Diploma in Cognitive Analytic Therapy and a BSc Hons in Psychology. 


Dr. Amy's is indeed an inspiring presenter - intelligent, kind, entertaining and humble. Her message is both disarming and profound, entirely practical and applicable. I immediately acted upon Amy's advice (as is her intent) and myself and my team have since been rewarded in spades. Excuse the somewhat effusive recommendation, but I cannot speak highly enough of Amy and her message.

-David Preach, Facilitator and Presenter for Mental Health

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Amy for any presentation that has a goal to more deeply embed the science of psychology in corporate institutions.

Stephen Tonna, ANZ Banking Group

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