Image, Personal Branding, Networking,
Emotional and Social intelligence, Conversations
Core expertise:
  • Appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Communication skills
CINDY'S KeyNote:
ABC of your Personal Brand

In today’s fast-paced economy, you and I need both substance and form to make our mark in an ever-changing, competitive landscape. While our knowledge, experience and expertise enable us to carry out our functional roles efficiently, many individuals have lost opportunities because they fail to manage and be aware of how people perceive them – which is essentially taking charge of building a personal brand.


Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to have more favour and influence with people at work and in relationships? Cindy breaks down the art and science through the ABCs of your personal brand – Appearance, Behaviour, Communications.


Cindy Tien is a passionate speaker, trainer and coach in personal branding, emotional quotient and social intelligence. She has worked with global MNCs and corporate clients from diverse industries, including banking and financial institutions, real estate agencies, universities, and government-linked corporations. Cindy believes that every individual should be an authentic personal brand of their own, and she takes pride in helping individuals elevate their ability to connect and influence people through their Appearance, Behaviour and Communication skills.

Cindy’s motivation comes from her deep interest and study in human behavior. Having worked in corporate client-facing roles within various organizational structures in the last 20 years, she strongly believes that a well-lived life is one that is filled with true confidence in self, and personal connections with others – resulting in lasting happiness.

A lifelong learner and one who never stops upgrading herself, Cindy is certified in Image Management, Behavioural Consulting, and Emotional Intelligence. She is sought after as an authentic, fun and edgy influencer who brings results to the table.

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