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At KeyNote, our aim is simple: just like you, we want to bring more diversity to stages around the world. We focus on diversity for the simple reason that it increases group intelligence. Unfortunately, a podium without a single woman speaker is much too common
– and we are going to change that! 

Looking for top female speakers?

Bring more diversity to your next event!

Find talented women speakers who are passionate subject-matter experts, covering topics from leadership, to art and science – right here, on KeyNote.

We’ve handpicked top speakers in Asia as founding members. We are expanding to North America, Oceania and Europe and training hundreds more to enter your favourite directory!



We're proud to be an integral part of PrimeTime, Singapore's Business and Professional Women's organisation.


We're a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers


Our raison d'être is simple: it's all about women supporting women.


Not only do we make sure that women are more visible through this site; we also train the next generation of KeyNote speakers.





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KeyNote Speakers

All the KeyNote speakers on our directory are screened by our recruitment team. They are experienced and accomplished speakers.


Our teams are here to advise you on the most suitable speaker for your event. You can rest assured that you will get the inspirational subject-matter expert that you are looking for. Our speakers have typically spoken to large audiences (hundreds of people).

In addition, we are training experts and thought-leaders to inspire from stage

Are you looking for thought leaders and experts in the areas of leadership, marketing, HR, diversity and inclusion, technology, finance, sustainability, transformation, politics, mindfulness, or sexual health? We have them all! 


You can have a diverse and balanced speaker panel at your next conference, convention, or corporate gathering. 






Would you like to see more diversity on stages around world, too? 

As KeyNote is not-for-profit, we rely on sponsors and volunteers to give top-notch training to our next generation of speakers. 

Contact us if you would like to sponsor or support KeyNote - and, of course, if you would like to engage some of our accomplished speakers for your next event. 

Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from Shark Tank supports us
Watch this video where Mette Johansson caught up with Kevin in Singapore

Top speakers support KeyNote!

Top professional male speakers in Singapore pledge their support for KeyNote and our purpose: bringing diversity to stages around the world. 

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EGN supports KeyNote - Asia's Women Speakers

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Every month, we will be featuring a different speaker in our "SpotLight" column.

This week, we are featuring Mette Johansson, Author, Professional Speaker, Owner of MetaMind training, a training consultancy, and Chair of KeyNote.  

Justine, SpotLight editor:
Mette, you're the Chair of KeyNote. Tell us, why is KeyNote so important to you?
Mette: I see this as a huge opportunity to give women the confidence to speak on stages, and make it easy for conference organisers to find inspiring female speakers. We need more diversity on stages around the world - and that brings us to KeyNote's purpose: bringing diversity to stages around the world. Studies show that diversity increases group intelligence. Meaning that having more women on stages is good for all of us. 
Justine: Why should women speak choose to speak, though? Why do you speak on stages? 
Mette: When I was in a corporate role, I could make a difference to ... [more]








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Contact us today. Drop us an email, or fill out the form and we'll call or write straight back. 

Please note that, since we are a volunteer-based organisation of business and professional women, we currently cannot provide you with the option of a number to call. We all run businesses or have other full-time jobs.


But please do leave a number for us to return your call!

Would you like to be listed on our directory? 

Watch the short video. If you resonate with our mission and you have a giving spirit, contact us today. Fill out the form and our team will get back to you ASAP! 

Do note that all applications will undergo a selection process, including a mandatory interview. Not all applications will be accepted.


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